NuGet packages

If you wish to embed Zero Install functionality inside your own application, you can use our NuGet packages:

This library is a part of the Backend API. It contains data models and management functions for all local file storage used by Zero Install.
This library provides a common basis for ZeroInstall.Services and ZeroInstall.Publish. You will usually get this package indirectly as a dependency from one of these.

This library is also a part of the Backend API. It contains the logic for services such as dependency resolution and implementation downloading.
Zero Install itself is built upon this library. You can use it to integrate Zero Install features into your own application, e.g. for a plugin management system.

This library provides the Publishing API. It contains methods for creating and modifying feed files.
The Zero Install Publishing Tools are built upon this API. You can use it to automate complex feed creation/update tasks.

See the API documentation for information how to use these APIs.