Development tools


Additional tools (such as Doxygen for generating source code documentation) are automatically downloaded on-demand during the build process using Zero Install itself.

JetBrains provides open source projects such as Zero Install free licenses for its products.

ReSharper is a productivity plugin for Visual Studio. We use it extensively to refactor the our API and to enforce consistent code formatting and rules using team-shared settings. ReSharper’s many code inspection features helped us upgrade existing procedural collection logic to more modern LINQ-based code.

dotCover is a code coverage tool which integrates with ReSharper. We use it to ensure our unit tests cover all important code paths.

dotTrace is a memory and performance profiling tool. Optimizing the performance of commands like 0install run is very important for us, since our users do not want to experience a noticeable delay when using Zero Install to launch their favorite applications.

TeamCity is a continuous integration server. We use it to perform automatic builds and run unit test on both Windows and Linux (ensuring all our code works cross-platform), generate API documentation, automate deployments of Zero Install releases and more. Have a look at our TeamCity instance (guest access available).

OzCode is a Visual Studio plugin for enhanced debugging. Its ability to visualize and compare complex object graphs helps us analyze structures like in-memory representations of feeds.
OzCode provides open source projects such as Zero Install a free license.