Machine-wide mode

Zero Install’s desktop integration is usually applied on a per-user basis. If you wish to “install” an application for all users on a machine you can switch to machine-wide mode. Start menu entries, desktop icons, file associations, etc. are then applied to their respective machine-wide locations.
Even though the desktop integration is then shared by all users the actual solving and downloading of implementations is still done by individual users. This allows applications to be updated without administrative intervention and enables users to specify their own version overrides for applications. To prevent unnecessary duplication of application files use the Store service to share an implementation cache between all users.

Machine-wide mode can be used by adding the --machine option to one of the following commands:
0install add, 0install integrate, 0install remove, 0install sync
You can also run 0install central --machine to use the normal GUI to manage machine-wide desktop integration.

Zero Install Sync uses the same user account for machine-wide mode as it does for per-user mode. However, it uses a separate data store on the server. This means a single Sync account can be used to both synchronize user accounts and machines.
Make sure only a single user runs Sync in machine-wide mode on a computer, otherwise things will get messy.