Zero Install automatically takes care of downloading applications and their dependencies when you run them on your computer. However, it is sometimes useful to download everything required to run an application and export it, e.g., for use on machine without an internet connection, or where the connection is very slow.

On Linux you can use the tool 0export to creates self-installing bundles.

On Windows you can use the command-line to run 0install export. For example, the following command will download both VLC and a copy of Zero Install itself to D:\VLC:

0install export --include-zero-install http://0install.de/feeds/VLC.xml D:\VLC

The resulting directory structure will look something like this:

A batch script for importing the content on a machine that already has Zero Install set up.

D:\VLC\run VLC media player.exe
A modified version of the Bootstrapper for importing the content and then running VLC on a machine that may not have Zero Install set up yet.


The downloaded feeds and the GnuPG keys used to sign them.


The implementations selected for VLC and Zero Install compressed as tar bzip2 archives and named by their digests. (You can export individual implementations in this fashion this using 0install store export DIGEST OUTPUT-ARCHIVE.)