Version 2.15 for Windows released

Version 2.15 of the Windows version of Zero Install has been released. Changes since 2.13 include:

  • Dependency solver improvements
    • Support <executable-in-*> in <command>s
    • Treat network problems as warnings instead of critical errors
    • Find more solutions using dependency order permutation and width search
    • Do not remove rejected optional dependencies from Selections document
    • Improved candidate sorting to matching behavior of OCaml/Linux version of Zero Install
    • Propagate unknown XML attributes and elements in Feeds through to Selections
  • Support for <file executable="true" ...>
  • Windows native dependencies
  • Misc tweaks
    • Show warning when TLS 1.2 support is not available due to missing Windows updates
    • Prevent multiple self-update prompts appearing simultaneously
    • Prevent multiple background update checks for same feed starting simultaneously
    • Prevent background update checks from keeping lock on the working directory
  • Bug fixes
    • Stopped expanding environment variables in user-specified arguments
    • Fixed handling of executable bits on hardlinked elements in TAR archive
    • Fixed race condition in icon cache (may have caused icons in app catalog to be switched)
    • Fixed “stack smashing” error on Mono
  • Developer improvements

Existing installations can be updated from the main GUI by clicking on the yellow update notice.
You can also trigger an immediate update using the command line: 0install self-update
For new installations please download here.

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