Version 2.16 for Windows released

Version 2.16 of the Windows version of Zero Install has been released. Changes since 2.15 include:

  • Added support for 0install add
  • Added check for missing version attribute on implementations
  • Improved icon handling
  • High-resolution icon on Windows 8/10 start menu
  • Improved error handling when using Windows Restart Manager
  • Refactored Windows desktop integration stub to prevent AV false positives
  • Introduced CLI-version of bootstrapper (useful for scripting)

Changes for developers:

  • New API documentation
  • Formalized separation from Zero Install .NET (.NET Core support)
  • Switched from SymbolSource to SourceLink
  • Moved 32/64-bit mixing prevention from Architecture to Solver

Existing installations can be updated from the main GUI by clicking on the yellow update notice.
You can also trigger an immediate update using the command line: 0install self-update
For new installations please download here.

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